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Do you ever wonder if there are foods in the world that can help you have a healthy smile? If so, our Smiley Dental Forest Lane team is happy to tell you that there are!

There are many tooth-healthy foods in Dallas, Texas, and it’s best to eat them as much as possible. Those foods are:

-Dairy: Dairy products, like cheese, milk, plain yogurt, calcium-fortified tofu, leafy greens, and almonds are very beneficial for your teeth. These products have high amounts of calcium and other beneficial minerals that can help you achieve your smile goals.

-Protein: Protein-rich foods are also beneficial for your teeth and smile. This is because they contain phosphorus, which is a mineral that plays a critical role in dental health. It protects and rebuilds tooth enamel. The best protein-rich foods to eat are meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.

-Fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are great products for your smile because they are high in water and fiber, which balance the sugars and help clean your teeth. Fruits and vegetables also help stimulate saliva production, which is beneficial because saliva constantly washes the harmful particles away from your teeth.

-Water: Water is the best drink to consume, so please avoid drinking sugary products and drink as much water as possible.

If you keep these foods in your diet, then you’re on the right track toward a strong, healthy, and beautiful smile! To learn more about tooth-healthy foods or to learn more ways to take good care of your smile, please call our office at 972.484.5400 at your earliest convenience. Your dentist, is more than happy to help you in any way he can, and we encourage you to schedule an appointment if you have any concerns with your oral health. We look forward to helping you!